“Sometimes you survive it, and sometimes you don’t. I’ve survived it twice,” says June Kahn of her battles with cancer. The choreographer of Curves Dance and Tone class* isn’t claiming superhero status, just stating a fact. And it is with humility that Kahn credits her doctors, the love and support of friends and family, and ongoing physical activity—walking, hiking, and teaching fitness classes—for helping her win those battles.


Get fit and have a blast with the new Dance and Tone class* at Curves. Building on the traditional Circuit platform, this 30-minute party combines strength and dance moves to help firm your figure, burn calories, and deliver a host of benefits that we bet you never imagined you’d get from shimmying to the beat. For the full lowdown, we spoke with June Kahn, fitness educator, dancer, and designer of Dance and Tone. Here’s what she told us.

Curves Launches Dance and Tone Classes

Curves International, Inc. announced it is launching a new Curves Dance and Tone class starting in September at participating locations. The new classes were developed by June Kahn, a nationally-recognized fitness, Pilates and dance instructor and will feature dance moves ranging from basic steps to hip-hop, funk and Latin movements. The dance moves are conducted at one minute intervals in between each strength training machine within the circuit. Curves Dance and Tone is ideal for all fitness levels as members can keep the workout basic or progress as a variety of moves are added.

Wake Up Your Glutes!

The importance of gluteals for core stability and lower-back health.

It’s a sad fact of modern life that the gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in the body, often becomes inhibited and “turns off.” Ironically, this inhibition can be the culprit behind some cases of back and knee pain.

Instructors usually teach core stability exercises that focus on the abdominal region, including the transversus abdominis, obliques and paraspinal muscles. This is all well and good; however, what about lower-back pain tied to “sleeping” gluteal muscles? There is no question the trunk muscles are important, but the gluteals are equally important for core stability and lower-back health.

A New Body Bar FLEX Product!

A new product, applying the flexible and resistive qualities of the Body Bar FLEX, coupled with a small amount of extra weight, has been developed as a Flexible Hand Weight.